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Top Rated Omelette Recipes

The eggplant in this recipe gets its raciness from a spicy red chile salsa and some chipotle chiles en adobo — think of it as a Mexican-inspired ratatouille. It gives a boost of flavor to an omelette so you won't be missing the lack of cheese, making it an exciting yet healthy breakfast dish.

This omelette should be made in a seven-inch French omelette pan, and a gas flame is usually more successful than an electric stove.The rolled omelette is the most fun of any method, but requires more practice. Here, the pan is jerked over high heat at an angle so that the egg mass is continually hurled against the far lip of the pan until the eggs thicken. Finally, as the pan is tilted further while it is being jerked, the eggs roll over at the far lip of the pan, forming an omelette shape.A simpleminded but perfect way to master the movement is to practice outdoors with half a cupful of dried beans. As soon as you are able to make them flip over themselves in a group, you have the right feeling; but the actual omelette-making gesture is sharper and rougher.You might want to try mastering this easier technique beforehand.Click here to see Julia Child's Tomato-Filled Omelette recipe.Click here to see her recipe for Pipérade.

These omelettes are packed with herbs and flavor. Even the pickiest of eaters will love this recipe.This recipe is from chef Einat Admony and courtesy of Handsome Brook Farms.

This savory, delicious omelette recipe is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Whip it up in about 15 minutes and enjoy.This recipe is from chef Suzanne Vizethann and courtesy of Handsome Brook Farms.

The humble Denver omelette isn't really the first thing that comes to mind these days at brunch. It's definitely not trendy, and it doesn't have any exotic ingredients in it (fiddlehead fern omelettes, anyone?). But even though it's practically been consigned to generic hotel breakfasts and airline tray table fare (albeit, in first class), like many underestimated and long-forgotten American classics, it too can be good eats if done right. Plus, it makes a pretty decent hangover cure.I splurged and bought some applewood-smoked Virginia ham and Cabot clothbound Cheddar, but you can do this with regular old ham and Cheddar, too. Serve this with a side of greens to make yourself feel a bit better, as I did below, or just some good old buttered toast.Click here to see Lazy Sunday Brunch Recipes.

Here is an easy California omelette recipe featuring the best ingredient in the food kingdom (in my humble opinion) the avocado! This recipe can serve of course as a foundation for other creative omelette creations (choose your cheese of choice and other vegetables are welcome to join the avocado in the omelette and can be added simultaneously, like fresh tomato, herbs, spices, breakfast meats). Enjoy!

This dish takes me back to the food hawker stalls of Singapore. It's a quintessential street food with a mixture of textures (crispy, fluffy, and gooey) and flavors (savory, briny, tart, and spicy). It's the ultimate power breakfast. The omelette isn't really an omelette in the classical sense — it's chopped up after being cooked in hot oil and has charred, crispy edges with a gooey center. It might be more accurate to call it a fried scrambled egg. It's best eaten hot, immediately after it leaves the pan.Click here to see 7 Outstanding Oyster Recipes.

Omelettes are a favorite breakfast food in my family — we even have three omelette pans in our house to accomodate all the eggs cooking on the stove in the morning! This is my mom's signature omelette, full of flavor and protein to start your day off right, but without too much fat, cholesterol, or too many calories, to offset your virtuous meal choice.

What I wanted to do with this recipe was make crepes, but what I did was get lazy and bought pancake batter instead. I'm pretty satisfied with the results, because I found that by making, thick, fluffly pancakes with savory ingredients instead of crepes, I was inevitablty making this doughy, cheesey, delicious pastry that's far better than a crepe, and something that I'll definitely be making for dinner (or breakfast) again.Click here to see Fall in Love with Breakfast Again — at Dinner.

No time to make breakfast? With this speedy omelette recipe you'll be on time and well-fed. Click here to see 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in a Microwave