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Horns with sausages

Horns with sausages

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I made the dough in the bread machine, and the ingredients were put in the order written above in the ingredients. I sprayed a bowl with sunflower oil, placed the dough in the bowl, covered it with cling film and left it in a warm place to leaven for 20 minutes.

I boiled the virslii in boiling water for about 5 minutes. I let them cool and cut them in half. I put half of the dough on the work table, I use a silicone board, I spread the dough in a triangle, I cut the edges with a knife, I placed a sausage measuring the dough so I know how wide to cut it. I greased the strip of dough with a little mustard, cut it into squares, put the sausage, rolled it and placed each piece in the tray lined with baking paper. I put the tray with croissants in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Serve hot or cold, for breakfast, dinner or package .... to be useful!

Lose weight healthily!

Many people have asked me for a cure to change my metabolism, with which I managed to lose weight healthily. I was glad to see that people are interested in health, in the way they look and are willing to invest time to do good. So I sent over 140 emails to those who asked for the cure. I received feedback from some, not from others.

I preferred this variant of communication because I was curious how many people will ask for the cure, how many will take it and how many will complete it. About the results I have seen so far, I wrote last month. Today I decided it was time to write the whole cure on the blog, to be available to anyone who needs it. So, below, a copy / paste of what Andra sent me sometime before Christmas.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can write to me, as you have done so far. I will answer you as soon as possible. Good luck!

In the first week they lose up to 4-5 kg ​​but only after the first 4 days. So don't despair! Then begins a slower weight gain, but safe, about 1-2 kg per week. You can drink coffee, teas without sugar.

STAGE I (2 weeks)
MEAT: of any kind, in any quantity but only boiled or grilled.
MEAT SOUP: boiled meat without vegetables, without anything extra.
EGGS: in any quantity but only boiled.
FATS: ribs, butter, margarine, mayonnaise.
CHEESE: cottage cheese, telemea, cheese.
SAUSAGES: any kind.
OLIVES. CUCUMBERS: garden or greenhouse.
PICKLES: in brine, vinegar, not from those with sugar.
SPICES: salt, pepper, paprika, mustard.
TEA, NATURAL COFFEE: sugar-free, with saccharin possibly.

STAGE II (2 weeks)
To the foods from the first stage are added:
STAGE III (2 weeks)
For the second food stage is added:
FRUIT: cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, lemon juice.

STAGE IV ( 2 weeks)
To the third food stage is added:

Do not consume at all:


After the end of the diet, it is recommended not to put yams in cakes and bread, plus you will not want them anymore. Instead, you will be able to enjoy tasty fruits and vegetables.

Now, because I have often received certain questions, I am writing you some clarifications.

1. You can eat at any time, any combination of foods allowed at the stage you are at.
2. You can eat any amount of food, but don't fret. Try to eat moderately, chew food well and remember that hunger and appetite are two totally different things.
3. Try not to make mistakes. This cure is not negotiable. If it says there that you are not allowed sugars, that means chocolate, and jellies, and jams, and candy, everything.
4. This is a cure for metabolic change. Its role is to accelerate the burning of the body, so as not to allow it to produce unhealthy fats. The idea is not to consume carbohydrates or sugars of any kind.
5. In my case and that of dozens of other people who received the cure from me, it worked. I don't know anyone who has kept it to the end and it doesn't work.
6. After the first 2 weeks you will tend to give up the cure, because you have already lost about 5-6 kg. If you are still starting to do something healthy for your body, do it to the end.

Wedding menu

My brother had a wedding 2 years ago, September lasted from 7 pm to 7 am and was food to feed an army .. Cold appetizer (3 kinds ham, cheese and cheese, salads and stuffed eggs, olives, tomatoes and other wonders. Indiana from Camp Road) As drinks he had & quotviziki & quot, vodka and cocktails for ladies, red and white wine with mineral water and champagne. They spent some money, but everyone was more than happy and it was a great party.

But in Canada usually the food is much less and the drink is bought .. I went to a wedding where the first course was a salad with hot buns with butter, the second course half a chicken breast with a baked potato and sour cream and three a slice of & quotcheese cake & quot (a kind of sweet cheesecake). This was followed by the bride's cake and coffee. As a drink there was a bar with money, and red and white wine was served at the table. For gifts, the bride and groom registered at several stores where you could buy something for & # 03610 but also for & # 036500. Obviously it depended on how close you were to the bride and groom or their family.
When we left we had a gift to take home, a bottle of wine and a picture of the bride and groom.

What is hilarious is that there are Romanians who try to change their habits and give you to eat about what you eat at weddings here .. and the Romanian comes hungry and leaves the same)) Then you see swearing)

# 10 petunia

What is hilarious is that there are Romanians who try to change their habits and give you to eat about what you eat at weddings here .. and the Romanian comes hungry and leaves the same)) Then you see swearing)

Put it on your belly before leaving home. If the dress is not too on the body, to be seen

At a wedding I attended last year, the following were served (the wedding was meant to be in Romanian style):

1.cold plate (which included hams, salamis, cheeses, cheeses, pork drum), beef salad, olives
2.chicken soup with homemade noodles
3.pork steak from roasted pork
4.cakes, cakes, pralines made by the bride and groom, sisters, friends, and some croissants made by me (I'm not bragging, God forbid

5.household, wine, beer (I can't remember the alcohol) juices, coffee.

I miss a wedding like that, old, Romanian, made at home, where to serve as an appetizer sausages from pigs cut especially for the wedding, chicken soup, made in a large cauldron, sarmale, pork steak and meat from fried soup with egg with cabbage salad. What a good mother made her so much soup. but the stuffing.

READY, I feel like licking again.

# 11 Claudita

# 12 Happy.

# 13 BD

I have never heard of a non-alcoholic wedding in my life & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

# 14 aldaesme

Recently, that is, on Saturday I went to a wedding here, with a good Belgian menu and enough archery.

First there was a reception that lasted about an hour and a half in which all the bride and groom gathered. Each of us received a small candle in a certain color, then in the dining room there were large candles in the colors of the little ones. The name of each participant sat on the table which was marked with the candle the color of the one received. I found the idea extremely funny.

At the reception I had:
Champagne and orange juice
While we were talking in the beautiful garden of the place, waiters walked among us with trays with various small appetizers:

melon in ham
plum in the ham
cucumbers with cheese
crispy slices with:
- pate and oranges
- olive oil, mozzarella and tomatoes
- caviar
- slices of salmon and sweet cheese with raisins
there would have been others but I didn't taste them all. they walked with high frequency so when I got to the table there was a little space in my stomach

At the table (you could order any kind of drink on the groom's credit, but the table was not loaded with thousands of drinks, only water was on the table, they served the wine and came to fill the glasses very often):

white wine, mineral water, plain water
- asparagus soup (brilliant and they came with a supplement. the word of a friend hurt our soul to say no)
- fish basket (large puff pastry basket with salmon, shells - ready-made extracts, large and small shrimps, wine sauce)

Red wine:
- pork steak with endive, pink pepper sauce and salad
- coffee (and that came after the first one)

- plate with assorted dessert:
- basket of some cocoa dough filled with chocolate mousse
- a bowl of vanilla ice cream
- a piece of tiramisu (about 4x4cm)
- a piece of Jenever cake (as much as tiramissu)
- a fruit skewer (pineapple, strawberries, grapes, melon that star fruit and another one I don't know what it's called, lebenitza (melon I don't know why :)))

- berry ice cream cake + mocca + whipped cream
- garnished with raspberry sorbet roses
due to the fact that the cake was a bit big and in addition to ice cream, I ate about 4 servings and in the end it still remained.

Countless other types of beer, cognac, whiskey and impressive amounts of coffee were drunk.

It really wasn't tuica, but I didn't miss it. Anyway, the meal was great, the restaurant extremely chic, well chosen, with garden and terrace, beautiful weather, good music. I don't even want to think about what the bride and groom's bill was, not that they would have problems, they had a dream wedding and now they have a beautiful honeymoon in the Swiss Alps.

Kitchen repair

What you need for Turkish stew 5g mutton kapia pepper 1. Turkish lamb (or mutton) recipe with baked vegetables. Traditional Turkish dishes with mutton. You may also be interested in: blender recipes, how to prepare mutton pastrami, search.

Turkish recipes: Beef Pide, Ayran and Onion Salad with sumac.

Turkey: Manaman (Turkish recipe for breakfast), Suberek, Turkish Baclava,. Eggplant bite with mushrooms and poultry. Turkish style lamb recipe from the Sheep category. I don't go for Turkish cuisine. Tags: lamb food, lamb stew, Easter recipes, Easter dishes, Sheep recipes. Mutton: recipes and tips.

Recipes with mutton, lamb, ram: discover appetizer recipes.

Izmir köftesi - Turkish lamb meatballs. Turkish recipes - Turkish cuisine: baclava, kebab, kofta, musaca and many more. Pots with meat and vegetables Turkish recipe. A vegetable stew with tender pieces of meat, baked slowly in the oven, au gratin with cheese.

Turkish cuisine developed greatly during the golden age of the Ottoman Empire. A delicious mutton stew, which is not difficult and does not require much. Over time, however, the meat began to be placed vertically. There is a theory that the Turkish baclava recipe is actually a & # 160. Besides, the specific Turkish dishes are very. What it is: beef, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and eggplants & # 160. Yogurtlu Kebab & # 8211 Turkish minced meat skewers with yogurt and tomato sauce.

Turkish pate recipe - Börek with feta cheese and yogurt. Turkish lamb soup & rdquode wedding & rdquo & # 8211 Düğün Çorbası, step by step recipe. Virsli & # 8211 traditional mutton sausages.

Saci kavurmi is a Turkish stew that can be easily prepared with. Beyti Kebab (Beef and sheep kebab with parsley and garlic).

In Turkey we find kavurma especially with lamb but also sheep, veal or chicken. Tags: quick marinade, Turkish lamb pizza marinated with foodsaver marinade, lamb recipes, sheep recipes. Suberec, meat pies prepared according to an authentic Turkish-Tatar recipe. Crispy dough and creamy filling, flavored with beef or mutton.

Kafta, kofta is a Lebanese mutton meat, or beef mixture with mutton. Baked meatballs (video recipe) Pork meatballs Onion & # 160 sesame meatballs. Kofte kebab are Turkish lamb meatballs mixed with rice. CAPTIVANTA TELLS ABOUT THE RECIPE THAT CROSSED THE MILLENNIUMS. It is made from barren sheep meat or fatty ram. Fresh traditional Turkish grilled meat, beef, and mutton dishes.

Romania has also borrowed many traditional Turkish recipes, but they were. The following recipe is also from the Turkish lands. The original recipe is with beef or mutton. I recently visited the Turkish butcher shop in Dristor, where I came from.

Yankee Hotdog

Our group of companies started its activity in 2007, with the distribution of American model hot-dog caravans, a trading system that works very well in the hot-dog country of America. We are the only distributors of original hot-dog caravans of our own production, Yankee type, in the whole country. Our hot dog caravans are of compact construction, thus greatly facilitating street sales. We recommend their use in busy places, near shopping malls, events, concerts, places of pilgrimage, fairs and swimming pools.

The aim is to make consumers aware of the quality and uniformity represented by our company. Our successes are due to both our large and small partners.

Our target audience is represented by several fast and large fast foods, catering companies, event and fair organizers, restaurants, gas stations, chain stores, etc!

Our task is to supply raw materials and food preparation equipment to the companies mentioned above.

Our offer also includes various types of quick-frozen potatoes, fats and oils needed for frying, dressing, pancake powders, sliced ​​cucumbers, pickles, packaging products, various additives, etc.
Our offer of equipment and machinery contains: hot dog caravans, counters, fiberboards, equipment for the preparation of langoustines, for steaks, baking devices with charcoal for kurtos, installations for gyros and cotton candy preparation.
We deliver to the destination throughout Romania weekly the products by itinerant travel, based on prior orders.

Puff pastry butterflies with jam

Sift flour and breadcrumbs. (Crush the biscuits until you get a powder).

Puff pastry preparation

The butter is pressed with the meringue to remove the water, then it is lightly mixed with 200 g. Flour in such a way that the flour is evenly distributed. Shape into a rectangle and leave to cool at about + 4 ° C for about 30 minutes for the butter to harden. Separately, knead a flour dough about 1,100 1. water, vinegar and salt, until a crust of suitable consistency is obtained which is shaped round, cut to the surface diagonally with a knife and left on the plate to rest for about 25 minutes. . After the rest time has elapsed, the dough is spread with the shit on the plate sprinkled with flour. A sheet is obtained with the thick middle and thinner edges in which the butter is wrapped and the dough is first rolled. A rectangular sheet is obtained which is folded into 4. Leave to cool to + 4 ° C for about 20 minutes. This operation of rolling, cooling and folding is repeated 3 more times, so that in the end the dough is rolled, cooled and folded 4 times in four, obtaining the puff pastry.

Preparation of the filling

The jam is mixed with breadcrumbs or biscuit powder (2-3 hours before use), until a uniform composition is obtained.

Modeling, baking

From the puff pastry, spread the meringue on the board sprinkled with flour, a sheet with a thickness of 5-6 millimeters, rectangular in shape, grease with egg and cut into pieces of about 7/6 cm. Approximately 44 g of the filling is placed in the middle of each piece, after which two opposite corners are joined. The butterflies are placed in the tray sprinkled with water, placed in the oven and baked at a high temperature at the beginning (250-220 ° C) to allow the product to grow, then at a moderate temperature (220-180 ° C) to achieve a uniform baking.

Ingredients Quick pizza top - step-by-step video recipe

  • 250 grams of flour
  • 150 ml. hot water (about 37-40 ° C)
  • 12 grams of fresh yeast (½ packet) or 3-4 grams of dry yeast (½ sachet)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar
  • 8 grams (1 teaspoon) of salt
  • 30 ml. (2 tablespoons) olive oil
  • in addition: flour for sprinkling the worktop

YouTube video clip

Quick dough for pizza, details

What is important, from my point of view, even when we rush things through the kitchen, is to make sure that the product will be easily digestible. It is not at all a solution to mix flour with yeast and water and let the dough “sit for a while”, then spread it on the sheet and throw it in the oven.

More and more often we hear about indigestion and allergies caused by bakery / pastry products. These occur especially when the leavening of the dough is incomplete. That's why, even if this dough is ready to bake in less than an hour, during this time it has gone through the two obligatory leavenings of yeast or natural mayonnaise doughs. To shorten the waiting time I used other means, but I did not skip the leaven. After kneading, I let the dough rise until it doubled in volume and after portioning, it was left to rise once more.

I resorted to this recipe for all possible "tricks" to speed up the fermentation. We used hot water for kneading, so that the yeast has an environment conducive to development from the beginning. I lightly heated the bowl in which I was going to leaven the dough. I used 1 teaspoon of sugar to activate the yeast. I also used 1 teaspoon of vinegar, which works as a real catalyst for yeast. Last but not least, I leavened the dough in the preheated oven at 30 ° C, in which I put a tray with boiled water. The steam contributed to the creation of an atmosphere identical to that of pastry leaveners. All this made the leavening of the homemade pizza dough much faster.

Quick way to prepare pizza dough, kneading the dough

1. Preheat the oven to 30 ° C (for gas ovens, turn on the oven for 3-4 minutes then turn it off) and place a large bowl in it, to heat gently.

2. Rub the yeast with the sugar until liquefied and then dilute with a little warm water. If you use dry yeast, mix it with the sugar and dissolve it in warm water, added a little at a time. Dissolve the yeast in the remaining amount of water recommended for the dough (150 ml in total). Add the vinegar to the yeast water and mix well.

3. In a large bowl, in which we will knead, put the flour and make a place in the middle. Slowly pour the water with the yeast and vinegar, mixing with a wooden spoon. We will continue mixing until the wooden spoon becomes inefficient.

4. Clean the leftover dough stuck on the wooden spoon, recovering it, then sprinkle the salt on the entire surface of the dough in the bowl. Gently incorporate the salt, with your fingertips, then start kneading.

5. Knead the dough vigorously, manually or with the robot, until well blended. Then add the olive oil, of which we will keep aside about 1 teaspoon. Knead the dough further until it becomes elastic and smooth, detaching from the walls of the bowl. The dough should be rather moist to the touch, by no means oily but non-sticky. I kneaded by hand and it didn't take me more than 7-8 minutes in total, we don't need to knead very much.

Fast pizza top, leavening

1. Once the dough is well kneaded, take the warm bowl, prepared in advance and grease with the preserved olive oil. Shape the dough into a ball, place in this lukewarm bowl and lightly cover with a clean kitchen towel.

2. Immediately pour 1 liter of boiled water into a tray and carefully place the tray in the lowest position of the oven.

3. Place the bowl with the dough, covered with the napkin, somewhere in a medium position in the oven, then close the door. In 25 minutes the dough rises as if by magic, more than doubling in volume.

Quick pizza top, portioning and second leavening

1. Sprinkle the worktop with flour, turn over all the dough in the bowl and flatten with your palms.

2. With a knife or a special pastry cutter, divide the piece of quick dough for pizza into 2 identical pieces. From each piece of dough you can get a pizzama, with a diameter of 28 cm. Shape, in turn, each piece, in the form of a well-tensioned ball, bringing the edges of the dough to the middle and pressing them to stick, then rotating the dough on the work surface.

3. Once shaped both pieces of quick dough for pizza, cover with double layer kitchen towels. It is best for the towels to be slightly damp and it is essential to be perfectly clean. Leave on the work surface for another 15 minutes, during which time the oven is switched on and heated to 230 ° C.

Modeling and baking homemade pizza

1. The pizza top can be shaped by hand, it is an elastic dough, which is easy to work with. Without being an experienced pizzaiolo, I did so, you can watch how it works in the video tutorial above. As well, however, you can spread the dough with the rolling pin.

2. For baking, you can use a special stone for pizza, as I used in the recipe for Tarte Flambe e. If you use it, it is important to be well, well heated. This time, I used a perforated plate (from the oven), lined with baking paper, on which I placed my pizza top quickly. Obviously, you can use any tray for baking this homemade pizza top, with imperceptible differences.

3. After shaping and placing in the tray / on a shovel (for transfer to the hot stone), sprinkle the pizza with the tomato sauce. Now add your favorite toppings. My sauce was as simple as possible: scalded and peeled tomatoes, finely chopped, a little dried basil, salt and pepper. As a topping, I only used slices of mozzarella, like the margherita pizza recipe (which is my and my family's favorite).

4. I baked the two homemade pizzas in a preheated oven at 230 ° C for 8 minutes. I took it out of the oven and added some fresh basil leaves on top. I grinded black pepper, sprinkled with a few drops of olive oil and it's ready to enjoy!

Quick snacks for guests

Quick snacks for guests recipes: how to cook quick snacks for guests and the tastiest recipes for quick pancakes, quick recipes, quick soups, quick soup soups, quick donuts with yeast, quick raw vegan recipes, quick and fluffy muffins, quick desserts without baking, quick cookies with jam, fasting fast food.

Mini pizza - quick and delicious snacks

Appetizers, Pasta and pizza, Pizza 400 g pizza dough 250 g tomato sauce 1 teaspoon oregano 200 g mozzarella for topping: salami olives mushrooms peppers corn bacon chorizo

Cold snacks on the mini fridge

Cucumber, Cheese, Ham we need: chopsticks like toothpicks or skewer sticks but shorter (I put some special bamboo chopsticks for snacks) a handful of arugula (I love this salad in any combination) cheese salami ham.

Salted pastry recipes

Join one of the largest culinary groups in Romania: Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea, official group.

Romanian and international culinary recipes, explained step by step. We have prepared fasting recipes, preserves, cakes and pastries, simple and fast food. I have 30 years of experience in the food field and a great passion for Romanian gastronomic traditions.

Fasting recipes

I launched the book "50 fasting recipes". Order now the recipe book, ideal for vegetarians and for when you want to fast.

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