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Ambrosia: Savor Barbados Slideshow

Ambrosia: Savor Barbados Slideshow

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A food and wine tasting at the Lion Castle Polo Estate during the 2010 Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival.

The 2010 Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival's tented tasting event, Ambrosia: Savor Barbados, was hosted at the Lion Castle Polo Estate, one of the highest places on the island. But take away the tropical rain that started to fall and you could have been at a New York tasting event. Minus all the rum that is. It was crowded, there was good food, and lots of wine. Chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai, Fergus Henderson, and Tim Love, mixed with renowned local chefs from some of the island's best restaurants.

The most buzzed-about, lined-up for dish was Chef Rob Feenie's roasted butternut squash and mascarpone ravioli with black truffle beurre blanc. But they must not have yet tasted Chef Tim Love's black belly lamb sandwich (local lamb), which had to be the night's best bite. Chef Marcus Samuelsson's red grits and shrimp was probably the third best dish, but Chef Fergus Henderson's ox tongue with green sauce on lettuce leaf, was more fun to eat. It's "meant to be wrapped like a parcel," he noted.

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